Outsourcing – Work contract

The benefits of outsourcing are obvious. By relieving the burden, the company can concentrate on its core business. Another important point is the cost savings. It arises, for example, through the elimination of necessary training for own employees. The benchmark for outsourcing is at least 20% cost savings. The task is thus fulfilled more efficiently and with higher quality. With a strategic partner like Balticpersonal GmbH, new business areas are opened.

We offer the following options:

In-house outsourcing means that a task area is transferred to a subsidiary, for example. It is also possible to start a new company to outsource the field. It is clear that such a practice takes place primarily in large companies.
Business Process Outsourcing: Translated into German, this form means as much as business process outsourcing. This means that a complete line of business is outsourced to third parties. Important: Not only the tasks, but also the control is outsourced.

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